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Synopsis: A total of 100 patients presenting to the emergency room with an isolated, closed, distal radius fractures were randomized to receive a clamshell (n=50) or sugartong splint (n=50).The outcomes of interest included radiographic measures of tilt, inclination, and height, as well as the the Disabilities of the Arm, Shoulder and Hand (DASH) score for functional assessment.A marginally higher DASH score was observed in the sugartong group (mean 109; SD 16) compared to the clamshell splint group (mean 106, SD 24).The average change in radiographic tilt, inclination, and height in the clamshell splint group was 1.1 degrees (SD 1.1), 1.8 degrees (SD 2.1), and 1.5 degrees (SD 0.97), respectively. The average change... Read More »
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