PRP vs. Placebo/Control

The table below summaries the results from the meta-analyses. Outcomes are categorized as pain, function, or stiffness.
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The results have been categorized as a statistically significant result in favour of platelet-rich plasma, no difference statistically compared to placebo/control, or a statistically significant result in favour of placebo/control. Values are presented as either a:
  • Mean Difference (MD)
  • Standardized mean difference (SMD)
OrthoEvidence identified published meta-analyses that assessed the use of platelet-rich plasma in the treatment of osteoarthritis through a search of electronic databases, reviewing the reference list of included publications, and suggestions from experts in the field.
The inclusion criteria for meta-analyses were: 1) inclusion of only randomized controlled trials, 2) provided a comparison of platelet-rich plasma to placebo/control, and 3) evaluated pain, function or stiffness outcomes.
Data from each of the included meta-analysis was extracted and summarized in the tables below .
Additional information for each included meta-analysis can be found in the corresponding ACE Report, which can be accessed by clicking on the trial ID within the table. To learn more about the ACE report creation process, click here.

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Leukocyte Concentration
Pain - Overall
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Study Population In favour of PRP No difference In favour of Placebo Control