PRP Recommendations for Knee OA

The table below presents the recommendations, methodological approach and summary of the guidelines identified evaluating the use of platelet-rich plasma in the treatment of knee osteoarthritis. To access the full clinical practice guidelines, click the link at the bottom of the summary information.

Our approach

OrthoEvidence identified published clinical practice guidelines that provided a recommendation on the use of platelet-rich plasma through a search of electronic databases, reviewing the reference list of included publications, and suggestions from experts in the field.

We defined a guideline as a “set of systematically developed statements to assist practitioner and patient decisions about appropriate health care for one clinical condition or disease area.”

Recommendation for the use of platelet-rich plasma in knee osteoarthritis, methodology, and the rationale for their recommendation were extracted from each guideline and summarised in the tables below.

  1. Institute of Medicine Committee to Advise the Public Health Service on Clinical Practice, G. (1990). Clinical Practice Guidelines: Directions for a New Program. In M.J. Field & K. N. Lohr (Eds.), Guidelines: Directions for a New Program. Washington (DC): National Academies Press (US) Copyright (c) National Academy of Sciences

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Conditional Recommendation


Not Recommended

AAOS: American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, NICE: National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, HealthPACT: Health Policy Advisory Committee on Technology